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Thanks, Ben. Sign In or Register to comment. Oct 2, AM. We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough. Oct 1, PM. Life after miscarriage. Just wondering how people coped after having their miscarriage. Did you take anytime off work?

Guest post – Launching “Goodbye, Pert Breasts: The Diary of a Newborn Dad”

If so how long? I've been back in work for 4 weeks but wondering if I came back too soon? I work in a pre-school so surrounded by children. One of the Mums is pregnant and due the same time I was which really upset me. Feel like…. Sep 23, AM. And as for Mrs McGill, what does she think about his blogging? Closing date for entries is 20 June.

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To find out more see dadsrock. Ian Newbold lost his wife in when his son, Max, was seven months old and has been blogging about his experiences since He writes regularly about the development of Max, as well as his own love of cars. But I did, so score one for me, Mr Responsible Dad for a change. This new me may even start reading school newsletters in future. It would be quite refreshing to be one step ahead of the game rather than standing outside locked school gates on an inset day.

I try not analyse the reasons for that too closely. Ben Wakeling, 27, is a father of two and author of the bestselling parenting books Goodbye, Pert Breasts and Teething Pains. A candle of snot slugs its way out of their nostril, trickling over a top lip on to waiting tongue.

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You freeze. They freeze. Everyone else fades into the background, the hum of conversation becoming all distant and echoey. And then they come for you, toddling, nappy-padded bum wiggling from side to side, grubby hands outstretched, heading right for you and your favourite jeans. Dan, 35, works as a community mental health nurse and is married with two children — Amy, eight, and Evan, five.

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The logical part of me realises that she finds pottering around the house seeing how much of the floor she can cover with toys just as much fun as driving half an hour or so in order to have an outing. Share this article. Fathers 4 Justice have enjoyed a lot of media attention.

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