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The Thoughts of a Spiderweb

Your rating has been changed, thanks for rating! This website requires javascript to function properly. ESA Space Science. Hubble's view of Spiderweb Galaxy. Zooming into the Spiderweb Galaxy region.

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Panning and zooming into the Spiderweb Galaxy region. Notes for editors This result is published in the 10 October issue of the Astrophysical Journal Letters.

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For more information George K. New Hubble observations of the radio galaxy MRC , nicknamed the 'Spiderweb Galaxy', have shown dozens of star-forming satellite galaxies in the actual process of merging. In nature spiders earn our respect by constructing fascinating, well-organised webs in all shapes and sizes.

But the beauty masks a cruel, fatal trap. The galaxy is so far away that astronomers are seeing it as it looked in the early formative years of the Universe, only 2 thousand million years after the Big Bang.


The Hubble image shows the Spiderweb Galaxy sitting at the centre of an emergent galaxy cluster, surrounded by hundreds of other galaxies from the cluster. Team leader George Miley from Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands explains: "The new Hubble image is the best demonstration so far that large massive galaxies are built up by merging smaller ones.

Galaxies can be seen as they are sucked into the Spiderweb at speeds of several hundred kilometres per second, from distances of more than a hundred thousand light years around it.

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Radio telescopes have shown that jets of fast particles are being spewed out from the centre of the Spiderweb Galaxy with enormous energies. These jets are believed to be produced by a massive black hole buried deep in the nucleus of the system. The first webs that did not need a blade to cut through may have been those introduced in the Hallowe'en event. However, the web in Varrock Sewers no longer needs a blade.

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Players must slash the web in the Temple of Ikov in order to pass through it. Some of the places where players still need a blade to cut through webs include the Mage Arena , at the Deserted Keep and the Yanille Agility dungeon.

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  7. Other places where players need a blade cut slash a web include the Temple of Ikov in a room down a flight of stairs west of the entrance. It is inhabited by two level 4 giant spiders , but players can pick up free boots of lightness here.