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If you would like more information on Angel Orbs, please contact us here. Angels are a pure spirit created by God. They are the messengers of God. The angels were created for us to call them when needed. The angels are there for us all the time whenever we need some help. An angel can be called upon for anything you need help with, this can be to help you feel happy, to help you through a rough patch or simply helping you find a car park.

The angels always work for the highest good of everyone concerned. In energetic terms, angels vibrate at a high frequency, they do not have a physical form like us, so therefore they need to communicate to us of their presence in various ways as discussed previously. Other ways they try to communicate with us is by stroking your face or hair, or you may see flashes of light out of the corner of your eye, or by seeing brightly coloured orbs.

They communicate telepathically with us to get the message across.

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Their message is always in a soft, loving voice that is not controlling or demanding. Our guardian angels are assigned to us at birth and they remain with us throughout our lifetime. Angel guides on the other hand are who we call upon when we need that extra bit of help. We are all able to call upon the angels and our guardian angel to help us in any situation.

Their role is to help lead us in the right direction, they are here to reassure and guide us when we ask for their help. Many of us forget to ask for help, so please remember that whenever you need a helping hand…Just ask the angels! Our guides on the other hand are our best friends in the spirit world. They are there to help you and available immediately as soon as you ask for their help or guidance. Our guides give us inspiration and pass messages to us through our intuition.

We do have one main spirit guide throughout our life plus we have others that come and go as the need arises, this will depend on what lessons are needed to be learnt. Spirit guides have previously lived in the physical realm where they have gained the knowledge and wisdom throughout all their many lifetimes. On the other hand, angels have never lived life as a human as they vibrate at a different frequency, therefore they can offer us a loving presence that helps protect and guide us. Angels are only allowed to intervene without being asked is when there is a life-threatening situation that happens.

If it is not our time to pass over, then an angelic intervention can help to save our lives. You will know when an angel wishes to make their presence known, you will have an overwhelming feeling of warmth and love, a sense of security and reassurance will surround you. Orbs are still a mystery to many people.

I know it was all new to me until my first encounter with them. I decided to find out more so I could understand what was going on so I could explain it to others in this book. Orbs are best described as spheres of light that are white in colour, however they also show up as different colours which I will explain in more detail later in this book. Orbs show up in digital photographs as transparent balls of light and many people see them with their own eyes, they are beautiful amazing spheres of lights that represent the presence of angels surrounding you.

These balls of light can appear in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colours. They have been captured by people indoors, outdoors, in homes, churches, schools, construction sites, burial grounds, and more. Videos of orbs are becoming more common; they show as light anomalies moving across the frame. The orbs appear as circular lights that either float or move, and at times travel at a very high rate of speed.

Angels travel to our earthly dimension through these light rays and at times use orbs as their vehicle for their energy to travel within. Orbs are electromagnetic energy fields that contain angelic energy, to humans they appear as a form of light. As mentioned, angels use the orbs as their vehicle to travel, just like you and I use a car to travel from one place to another. Orbs do not have corners to restrict their energy flow, this way they can be efficient spirit vehicles. The circular shapes orbs represent eternity, wholeness, and unity spiritually, these are all concepts that relate directly to the angelic missions.

Angel orbs travel through the universe at a higher vibrational frequency than us humans can even begin to perceive. However, once they reach the person whom God has called them to help, they slow down long enough to be detected by the intended person. Angel orbs are so much more than a simple ball of light; they are very complex. When you view one closely, you will see intricate patterns of geometric shapes that also have colours that divulge the different characteristics held within the auras of the angels who are traveling within them.

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Most spirit orbs contain the energy of holy angels; however, some may contain the energy of fallen angels from the evil side of the spiritual realm. Holy angels radiate feelings of love, joy, and peace. It is more common to see a white orb than a coloured one and this makes sense because guardian angels travel within the white orbs.

Guardian angels are present with people more than any other type of angel. If a guardian angel appears inside an orb, it usually means encouragement and letting you know that you are loved and cared for, or it may simply be to inspire you to have faith especially when you are going through challenging circumstances. By them showing up in an orb is a simple and unimposing way of blessing the person that sees them. Seeing an orb is a sign that the person or people are blessed with the goodness, positive energy, and protection of angels.

When orbs appear in a location, it is a sign that the angels are hovering and that this location is particularly blessed. Following is a brief description about the colours of orbs, later in the book, we look at the colours and their meanings in more detail. There are times you will see angel orbs featuring colours, these colours indicate the type of energy that is present within that orb.

The meaning of these colours in orbs in most cases corresponds to the meanings of different angel light ray colours that are:. Archangel Gabriel and Archeia Hope serve on the white ray, which corresponds to the base-of-the-spine chakra. It represents the purity of God, perfection, discipline, joy, and of course, hope. Archeia Hope displaces despair and endows us with hope.

The retreats of the archangels have a vast energy field of concentration, and the presence of these retreats accounts for the great purity of this area of Northern California. The retreat was present long before the sinking of Lemuria and was destined to show forth the pristine pattern of purity for the entire continent of Mu and for the Western Hemisphere.

His symbol is the lily. Jewish tradition says Gabriel prepared Moses and Joseph, son of Jacob, for leadership. In rabbinic writings, Gabriel is the prince of justice. Yesod is the foundation and represents the procreative life force of the universe. Muslims call Gabriel the Spirit of Truth. In Islamic tradition he is described as the Angel of Revelation who repeatedly came to instruct the prophets. Muslims believe that Gabriel was the angel who dictated the Koran to Muhammad. He sponsors the incarnation of the Christ in each of us.

Gabriel announced to Zacharias that John the Baptist would be born to his wife, Elizabeth. At the soul level, Gabriel also tells fathers- and mothers-to-be when it is time to conceive and bring forth children.

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Archangel Gabriel is the angel of the annunciation of the ascension. And he says, I give that annunciation to every son and daughter of God who is destined to ascend. I give it to them in their final embodiment. Whether they hear it or not, it is delivered to their soul and it is what impels them to know more and want more because they sense that the reunion with God is also the reunion with the twin flame and with the Eternal Guru who is God. The rite of the ascension, he says, is not reserved for the few.

He will teach you how to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, how to balance your karma, how to serve to set life free. Gabriel teaches that if you follow the spiritual path and invoke the violet flame, you can ascend at the end of this life unless severe karma dictates a final embodiment in which you would be required to balance your remaining karma. Even the ascension is not an end—it is the beginning of your eternal life as a co-creator with God. When you ascend, you are no longer bound to a single planet or confined to a flesh body.

December 4th through December 10th, Newness and Joy | Carolan Dickinson

You retain your individuality, yet you have a celestial body. You move through the cosmos with the Elohim in ever-new self-transcending creation. There is simply boundless and unlimited opportunity for the expression of freedom. Gabriel teaches:. By directing the violet flame … into those records of those footsteps and all events that ensued thereby, you may balance your karma…. Unless you retrace your footsteps, another may follow them and step into the pitfalls of your former self and former path.

This is an age when the true seekers of God must recognize a cosmic accountability for thoughts and feelings sown in the winds. There is joy in this path as no other joy you have ever known…. There is joy in conquering! There is joy in defeating the enemy that lurks within the garments of yourself. Whether it be the enemy of greed, or the enemy of overindulgence in food, as gluttony, whether it be the enemy of selfishness or spiritual blindness—there is a joy in conquering.

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One thing I have observed about joy—we need to prime the pump of the well until we finally get the water of joy. Bank the fires of the heart with joy to rid yourself of hardness of heart, criticism, condemnation, judgment, and gossip regarding others. See the light around them, their angels with them. Reinforce that and greet them with the same joy that Jesus has. This takes effort. You cannot just paste on the feelings of joy or rely on a formula or a success course. You are a conscious being with the potential to realize God, and you have the free will to do so.

Archangel Gabriel says that to maintain the spirit of joy you have to learn how to hold onto the light—because your light is your joy and your joy is your light. How do you do this? Protect the light you have garnered by not misusing it in wrong thoughts, attitudes and deeds. Protect the light in the base-of-the-spine chakra and in all of your chakras. When you give devotions to your I AM Presence, you magnetize that energy and it ascends from the base chakra to the crown chakra.

When you raise the pure light of the base chakra to the crown and hold that light in your chakras, you can be highly creative in your job, in your home, everywhere you go.