Manual Microsystem Design

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Microsystem Design

Schachler, A. Reichl Abstract Microsystems, by definition, have to consider, even utilize, coupling between several physical effects. The capabilities of existing Keywords. Keep me updated. Please sign in using the form below.

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If you have forgotten your password click here to reset it! Continue Shopping. View Basket. A methodology for simulating the performance of complex microsystems using simulator coupling is presented.

Microsystem Design | Stephen D. Senturia | Springer

In difference to other known simulator couplings a time step algorithm is employed. Its methodology is reported and the implementation into simulation tools is explained.

Microsystem Design

The system simulations of an acceleration sensor system as well as the simulation of thermal interactions in integrated circuits prove the suitability of the coupling. Finally simulation results are discussed and advantages of the implemented coupling are concluded. Article :. DOI: Need Help?