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His reaction says it all, he attached her because he knows its the truth. They accused Williams of going after Stern to improve her own ratings and said she is nowhere near as famous, talented or relevant as he has been. If Stern was nasty to Williams, they said she had it coming. You wanted "Old School Howard" again, well you sure as hell got that this morning!

Show Caption. By Martha Ross mross bayareanewsgroup. Report an error Policies and Standards Contact Us. More in Entertainment. Autumn brings harvest festivities of all sorts, including pumpkin patches popping up in cities and towns across the Bay Area. Pumpkins, petting zoo, rides, giant slides, pumpkin shooter, Metallica is playing five festivals in , which reportedly also happen to be only dates group will perform next year.

Here's how to get tickets. A new book claims that the future president had fallen hard for another brunette model around the time he began dating the then-Melania Knauss in Post was not sent - check your email addresses! He and Jeff Daniels play two hapless fools who try to deliver a lost briefcase to a pretty lady Lauren Holly in Aspen and get mixed up in a kidnapping.

Deadwood received its long-awaited send-off earlier this year, David Chase is returning to The Sopranos for a prequel film and Breaking Bad has never really gone away. Better Call Saul has in some ways surpassed its parent show, but rumours that those central characters might be reprised one more time have circulated for some time.

As the Euro qualifiers continue, Gareth Southgate and his side head to Prague to face their closest Group A challengers.

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The final three face John Torode and Gregg Wallace for one last time, with a fiendishly simple challenge: create a faultless three-course meal. John Turturro stars as the 14th-century monk William of Baskerville, dispatched with his young apprentice Damian Hardung to investigate a series of deaths at an abbey.

Yet another documentary about the AD 79 eruption of Vesuvius, this time focusing on the warehouse containing skeletons both laden with riches and bearing no possessions whatsoever. Who were they and how did they come to be together? In , maritime archaeologists made a startling discovery: a few kilometres off the coast of Egypt, the long-lost city of Heracleion was found in just 10 metres of water, many of its temples, statues, houses and boats preserved since it mysteriously sank over 3, years ago. This solid documentary tells its story and attempts to resolve its hitherto unexplained fate.

The finale to the popular and charming fantasy franchise, directed by Kenny Ortega, ends on a high note.

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The stories of the teenage children of Disney villains continues with Mal Dove Cameron as the daughter of Maleficent figuring out how to be the best kind of hero. The catchy song-and-dance numbers are show-stoppers and the central message stands as the perfect example of female unity.

The script is by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, the latter of whom stars as a bumbling cop, and making her film debut is Emma Stone. Robert De Niro is on fine form playing bounty hunter Jack Walsh in this comic action film. Expect high jinks and one-liners as they embark on an unusual road trip.

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Joe Pantoliano and Dennis Farina co-star. There are times in this documentary about superstar producer and DJ Mark Ronson when it is genuinely impossible not to collapse into laughter at the sheer levels of pretension on show. But, just as the nausea is threatening to reach unacceptable levels, something interesting happens: Ronson assumes centre stage and a pointless puff piece becomes something more intriguing.

We see footage of Amy here, frank and filthy, her charisma still burning through the screen. The rueful affection on his face speaks more than any of those earlier over-the-top accolades. All eyes are on Typhoon Hagibis; will it relent and allow some of the games to go ahead? Tomorrow, quarter-finalists Wales take on Uruguay 8. The action concludes this weekend in Stuttgart, with Simone Biles seeking to extend her own record for the most medals won by a woman at the Worlds. In a desperate attempt to wring every last drop from a dying format, Simon Cowell has imported a bunch of celebrities including Martin Bashir, Ricki Lake and a group made up of former Love Island contestants to compete against each other.

The gloriously gloomy French crime drama returns — and everyone is in a particularly bad place. The cast are a mix of newcomers and familiar faces, and the tale they tell will hold you and then floor you, like a slow-motion judo throw. Unmissable film-making. Tom Hardy anchors this tale of malfeasance as the tender of a Brooklyn bar designated as the drop for ill-gotten gains.

When a boy Brad Renfro witnesses the suicide of a mob lawyer, the authorities try to get him to testify in court.

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The ludicrously po-faced but largely entertaining reality show returns for another celebrity series in aid of Stand Up to Cancer, with another mixed bag of fugitives for the stony-faced hunters to track down. They make an enjoyable study in contrasts. Johnson blithely ignores convention and common sense while invoking the war, Offiah and Henson fall out over toilet etiquette, Novelli claims his nickname was once Houdini and the Towie women head for, er, Essex. Typhoon Hagibis has the F1 drivers at its mercy as well; Jules Bianchi passed away after a wet-weather crash at Suzuka in , so the FIA may show just as much caution here as the rugby powers-that-be.

If all is well, Lewis Hamilton will hope to capitalise on his victory in Russia, and keep the resurgent Ferrari pair of Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel at bay, as he and Mercedes continue to edge their way towards another pair of titles.

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They hailed from the Kingdom of Kush in what is now Sudan , an area deemed a backwater yet ruled Egypt for nearly a century. The drama comes to an end with the midsummer ball, romances resolved and the future of Sanditon determined as it stands on the edge of ruin. The bear-pit of Question Time and the informed contemplation of The Sky at Night could hardly seem more at odds, but they are brought together for one night only as a live studio audience pose their questions about the universe in all its mystery to The Sky at Night team, presided over by Maggie Aderin-Pocock.

Following the fine recent two-parter Lost Films of World War Two, this absorbing and rather poignant documentary, directed by Ruth Zylberman, assembles home movies, diaries and letters from the final summer before the lives of the French population were changed forever by the Nazi invasion.

In so doing, it captures a very human combination of realism and optimism, clearsightedness and denial, gallows humour and raw fear, as a war that had for so long been deemed unthinkable loomed ever larger. Parle Patel investigates the impact of the Hindu caste system on young Britons, meeting a woman who has decided to follow her ancestors in her line of work, and a man whose desperation to escape has led him to reject his religion.

Director Morten Tyldum portrays the life and work of mathematician Alan Turing across three time-frames: his school-years, his time breaking codes at Bletchley Park, and the persecution he suffered until his death.

Vengeance (Steve Williams #2) by J.E. Taylor

Keira Knightley is equally sensitive in support. This critically praised coming-of-age movie, led by the voguish pairing of Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller Divergent meets Whiplash arrived on video-on-demand services in the UK without a squeak. It begins, of course, with a murder — that of young ballet star Katie Devlin whose off-kilter family prove to be the kind that takes close-knit to disconcerting levels.

I nvestigating the case are detectives Rob Reilly Killian Scott and Cassie Maddox Sarah Greene , whose close friendship feels both believable and likely to lead to trouble further down the line. That trouble is coming is clear from early on as it transpires that the wood on the outskirts of Dublin where Katie is found was in the headlines years earlier after two children disappeared, their bodies never found. Is there a link between the cases?

A neat twist at the end suggests both that things are about to get very complicated and that this is going to be an addictive delight. Fortunately, part two airs tomorrow.

"Dr Death" Steve Williams vs Steve Ray Shoot Highlights

The consumer rights programme returns with Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Somerville focusing on people who have lost money through long-dormant accounts. The tournament runs all week, with the quarter-finals on Friday. The hosts of this Euro qualification clash in Sofia have never beaten their visitors; Gareth Southgate and co look determined to maintain that run.

Anyone looking for a thorough and thoroughly interesting take on the events leading up to and including the First World War could do worse than check out this part series, originally aired on Channel 4 in Poor old Ed Balls, still stuck in container ports — this time Southampton — while his fellow presenters travel the world. On an increasingly tough high street, can all supermarkets thrive?

Could bumbling Cousin Greg Nicholas Braun somehow end up in control of the whole shebang? All these questions, and more, will hopefully be answered in one of the must-see finales of the year. Anyone who has freelanced will give a shudder of recognition as Julia Anna Maxwell Martin is caught literally sleeping on the job. But soon their spying mission is jeopardised by jealousy.

Steve Williams

Christopher Lee co-stars s a Cockney sergeant. The plot is complex but, in a nutshell, it follows a group of retired costumed heroes living in an alternate where the threat of nuclear apocalypse hangs in the air. When one of them Jeffrey Dean Morgan is murdered, the rest fear for their lives. A refreshingly grown-up take on superhero films.

The mighty James Mason lends a splendidly saturnine drollness to this espionage thriller from Pastry Week has arrived later than usual this year, and it leaves some of the bakers cracking like a dried-out shortcrust. The Technical is a mystifying Moroccan concoction that only one contestant has ever heard of, let alone made. High summer heat in the tent means that misbehaving butter causes havoc with the rough puff. T here are more tears and fewer Hollywood handshakes than usual, but those contestants who gamely roll and knead against the odds will have you cheering on.

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Otherwise, even with mounting pressure and grinding challenges, this contest continues to envelop us in its floury embrace. Titanic actor Victor Garber continues this trawl through artefacts recovered from the doomed liner, with fascinating tales about some of them. This crime mystery has a neat central conceit — one of the cops chasing a child-killer is hiding behind a false identity. This episode is stolen by Victoria, a forthright equine dentist who makes no bones about her desire to make babies expeditiously. Lenny Henry trots through the history of multi-cultural UK comedy in this nightly three-parter.

As moral bankruptcy goes, a police officer taking sexual advantage of a victim of crime is right up there.

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  8. K enneth Branagh plays William Shakespeare in the last three years of his life, while also directing a witty script from Ben Elton. When Marty then discovers that Doc is about to be killed, he dashes back years in the DeLorean to rescue him. A colourful romp through saloons, gangs and Western showdowns soon ensues. After an accidental and near-fatal electrocution, Nick Gibson , a chauvinistic creative director, gains the ability to hear what women are really thinking.